Retail Businesses

We transform your retail enterprise with a Cloud-Based Omnichannel Commerce Platform


Deliver across web, mobile, in-store and call-center channels in a single platform.


Differentiate your brand and shopping experience with a cloud-based platform built for the modern business.


Build your retail enterprise around your customers not channels.


In-Store POS

Provide a superior in-store experience with a modern POS that enables you to satisfy omnichannel shoppers and build customer loyalty.


Deliver a consistent and personalized digital experience to consumers across any device.

CRM and Marketing

Get a single view of each customer across all channels and touchpoints.

Business Intelligence

Make smarter strategic decisions across all channels with real-time business intelligence.

Order and Inventory Management

Efficiently manage stock and your supplier network to better meet the demands of today's consumers.


Get a comprehensive view of your financial activities with a powerful financial management system for retailers.

Lfplaza Group

“The fashion inventory moves very fast—at an increasing velocity and sophistication every year. With NetSuite OneWorld, it's very easy to adapt, customize and stay current exploring all of the business channels and marketing opportunities out there so we can continue to scale.”


“Townhouse is the city’s leading wholesale and retail purveyors of luxury gifts, lifestyle accessories, designer home, stem and table ware. With NetSuite, every part of the business can be managed through a single platform. All business data is connected.”

Leader Radio Technologies Limited (LRT)

"For one of the largest distributors of iPhone/iPad enhancement products in the region, NetSuite offered a single data model spanning back office financials to customer records to fulfillment processes. Completed visibility and simplified integration is provided."

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